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Aquatic Herbicides

The bright red dots are where Nautique, Cutrine Plus, Cutrine Ultra, and Captain (copper-based herbicides) are dripped
directly into the water monthly during the irrigation season, between April - October.

To know when drip applications are taking place, visit NID's 2019 Aquatic Weed Control Schedule.

All canals are in blue, the sections highlighted in dark red are "randoms" which are natural drainages that were captured and incorporated into the canal system.

Map sources supplied by NID via public records requests: Randoms Map and Aquatic Application Sites Map
Please contact us at with any questions.

Note: The "Aquatic Application Sites Map" supplied by NID is grossly outdated.Contact your district’s representative to let NID know we are waiting for a current map!

What levels are safe? See 2008 government report about Copper in drinking water

Terrestrial Herbicides

NID uses a multitude of terrestrial herbicides throughout the district along irrigation canals.

During the irrigation season (April 15th - October 15th), Roundup Custom is one of the primary terrestrial herbicides used to control the weeds along irrigation ditches, maintaining NID's "bare ground herbicide program."

During the off-irrigation season, Roundup Custom and other herbicides are used inside berms and de-watered canals.

Our Concerns

#1 Unlike aquatic herbicides, NID does not inform the public or water users before terrestrial applications

#2 Applications may expose people, pets, wildlife, livestock, organic agriculture, and more to herbicides

#3 Recent court cases & research studies indicate Roundup exposure may cause negative health impacts across generations

A complete description of NID's weed management methods can be found here:

weed management program

See when and where Roundup was sprayed between 2011-2018:


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