Safe Ditches

Stop NID’s Herbicide Dependency

Protect Irrigation and Drinking Water

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There are about 475 miles of irrigation ditches in the Nevada Irrigation District,
including 33 miles of natural waterways, that NID calls "randoms"

There are 65 sites in which aluminum drip boxes apply aquatic herbicides
directly into the water in these ditches
every month, six months a year

Roundup is applied to the irrigation ditches
throughout the year, all year long

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Nautique, Cutrine Plus, and Cutrine Ultra, are dripped directly into the water every month throughout the irrigation season
herbicide map and more info

Roundup (Glyphosate) is sprayed on the ditch banks, berms, and even inside de-watered canals
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There Are Alternatives

NID is conducting a pilot project to field test alternatives to glyphosate/Roundup. However, this study has reported exclusively to a closed working group until the group was dissolved early this year.

The pilot project is now open for public feedback at NID's Maintenance and Resources Management Committee meetings; Join us on the 4th Tuesday of each month to get more involved!

Feel free to contact us at to find out more.

Get Involved

We're all in this together, working to create cleaner, safer ditches for people, wildlife, livestock, pets, crops and gardens.

Here is how to get involved:


Come to local NID meetings, times are listed here, and contact your district’s representative with your questions and concerns.
Additionally, it is imperative that all interested community members get involved in the formulation of the 50 year Raw Water Master Plan
Raw Water Master Plan

Ask Questions

Learn about how the ditches that supply water to thousands every year are managed with chemicals. See what research we’ve compiled at our info center and contact NID with any unanswered questions you may still have.

Ask NID a Question

Take Photos

Being careful not to trespass, please send us pictures ( of NID workers spraying Roundup on the ditch banks and berms and of the 65 aluminum drip boxes. Be sure to tell us were the pictures came from! Pictures will be used to enhance this website and contribute to Mike Pasner’s map project.

Request No Spray

Request that the ditch on your property is not sprayed. Keep Roundup off your property by making your home a no spray zone.

Contact Us

To ask us questions and to find out about upcoming Safe Ditches events, email us at: